translated from Spanish: Lifeless body of a young woman was thrown into a dumpster on Puente Alto: she presented various wounds

Prosecutor Yasne Pastén said it was a “violent and intervention-ed death of third parties. I mean, we’re talking about a homicide.” With this, he added that it was a neighbor of the population Carol Urzúa, who warned of the remains of the victim at the scene. The death date would be 14 hours.

Inside a dumpster was dumped by strangers, the lifeless body of a young woman between the ages of 25 and 35, whose identity has not yet been sterucidated. The fact was discovered by a neighbor of the town Carol Urzúa of Puente Alto, who gave notice to Carabineros. The case, the prosecutor Yasne Pastén of the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, was being investigated as a “violent death and with third-party intervention. I mean, we’re talking about a homicide.” “According to the external examination that has been done, the death has been due to the intervention of third parties,” he said, adding that he was caused “several bruised wounds to the face and other parts of the body and also has stab wounds,” as well as injuries that would appear to be drag-and-eyed. In addition, he stated that it was “a call from a neighbor who saw the container, opened it and realized that there was a deceased person inside it.” And with that, it was indicated in preliminary terms that death at the hands of strangers dates back to 14 hours.

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