translated from Spanish: Social bill would be worse if the economy is not revived: Quirino Ordaz

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The bill would be social if the economy was not revived, the governor said when questioned about the consequences of the increase in positive cases to COVID-19 by reopening most trade turns.
The bill would be social if the economy is not revived, imagine, now these months in which people have to recover, it spills, this is what will allow you to get around the next months of the year, that is why we have to make that progress.»

Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that it is not that the state downplays health, however, because of the conditions in which this pandemic has been experienced it is necessary to adapt to the new normal. «It’s that health is very important, we don’t discuss that, but the economy is also important because of the work of the people, these sectors had to be trained and established protocols. Imagine July and August without open hotels, these are the months where there can be a good recovery», this after how disastrous 2020 has been for the sector.
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He added that those who are integrated into these turns had time to train and comply with the measures required by the new normal.

The different beaches of the state have already been opened/The Debate

On the other hand, the representative assured that sinaloa’s success in adapting to this reality depends to a large extent on self-care.
It depends on each person too, how they keep their distance, their hygiene, their protection, that is essential, so we need to be insisting a lot on this.»

Ordaz Coppel said he has seen that many Sinaloans are taking care of themselves and assured that he applauds this attitude. He recalled that until there was a vaccine against this virus, the main thing was for each citizen to take the prevention measures he deems necessary for his care and that of those around him. You may be interested:No truce the new cases of covid-19 in GuasaveInaugura Quirino Ordaz second stage of road extension to Las GloriasMantienen closure of tourist activities in Sinaloa de Leyva

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