translated from Spanish: Strengthen hospitals in Chiapas and Tabasco to tackle COVID

While the Temporary Hospital Module with 38 beds in Villahermosa, Tabasco, will be ready in early August, that of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, with equal capacity, started operations on Thursday 9 July.
On Friday, federal and state authorities took a tour on the site where the temporary module will be built to Zona General Hospital No. 46 where COVID-19 patients will be cared for in one of the most victimized entities.
According to the report of the Federal Ministry of Health, as of Thursday, July 9, the entity reported an occupancy of 80% in the beds available for the care of patients infected with COVID-19, which makes Tabasco the state with the least availability of beds for general hospitalization. Meanwhile, the entity reports 50% occupancy of fan beds, i.e. for more serious patients. 
Against this background, the director of IMSS, Zoé Robledo, indicated that it is working in coordination with the state government to attend to the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that no one runs out of medical care and whoever requires a fan counts on it. 
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Since before the pandemic, Tabasco is one of the entities with the highest deficit in terms of number of beds in Social Security, as it has 0.31 per thousand female females. 
«This has to be solved thoroughly and these models will serve us when we start to recover other activities, other services that we give in these spaces,» Robledo explained in detail that the infrastructure that was started to be built will be very useful both for the time it takes to build and for the cost-efficiency indicators it generates. 
In addition to the problems of hospital occupation, Tabasco has the third national place in terms of the number of confirmed cases accumulated from COVID-19 with 13,622, (to the report of 9 July) and the second position in terms of rate, since there is a record of 529.57 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in addition 1,305 deaths have been counted in the entity (seventh national place). 
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«We are prevented from avoiding saturation, so these kinds of strategies are implemented,» added the IMSS director. 
Meanwhile, the governor of the entity, Adam Augusto López Hernández, recognized the investment in the Mobile Hospital Unit that with 38 beds will serve to tend to reduce the hospital saturation because the population will be able to have a new space to recover from respiratory disease.
Previously, on tour of Chiapas, Robledo put into operation the Temporary Hospital Module No. 38 which will allow to vent to the General Hospital of Zone No. 2 «5 de Mayo».
The new facility will be designed to care for patients who are in the process of recovery and no longer require intensive care.
The director of IMSS explained that the purpose of having temporary units and having made hospital conversion is part of the strategy to deal with COVID-19.
«In the face of sad experiences in other parts of the world, where very painful decisions had to be made about what to do in the presence of scarce resources, in Mexico we have to ensure that anyone who requires a hospital bed or anyone who goes seriously and requires mechanical ventilation, count on it,» the federal official said.
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The situation of COVID-19 in Chiapas is smaller than that of Tabasco. The entity has a record of 5,086 cumulative positive cases (as of July 9) and ranks eighteenth nationally in terms of this indicator. This figure results in the 100,000 inhabitants per house rate being 88.76 positive cases and is within the five states with the lowest national rate.
As for the hospital infrastructure to care for patients with COVID-19, Chiapas reports an occupancy of 36% of beds for general hospitalization and 27% for beds with ventilated, being one of the states with the highest availability. As far as deaths are concerned, 697 are reported.
After touring the facilities to care for patients with COVID-19, Governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas noted that this clinic contributes to the strengthening of the health of the Chiapanecos.  
«This is what we do in Chiapas, that’s why we have favorable results, because the help multiplies to go for the goals, in this case of health. We have made an extraordinary effort, and this IMSS clinic adds to the 14 that we installed in the entity, which have meant greater control of the disease and minor contagions,» he said. 
Currently, IMSS has temporary modules in the cities of Mexicali (Ciudad Obregón (Sonora), Tlalnepantla (State of Mexico), Fresnillo (Zacatecas), Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua), Puebla (Puebla), Culiacán (Sinaloa) and Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Chiapas). 
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