translated from Spanish: Tomorrow the classifieds will be announced to Battle of the Roosters Argentina

During the quarantine, Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos held home exhibitions conducted by Barcelona journalist Kapo 013.On the eighth date, of which participated, among other competitors, Argentina’s Roma, the official commentator of Red Bull announced that tomorrow the qualifiers will be announced to the National Final of Battle of the Gallos Argentina.

It is known that Argentines live everything with great expectation and passion. In fact, the enrollment period, the loosest part of the three that make up the Battle of the Roosters experience (the day of the announcement of the qualifiers and the day of the national are the other two), was extremely fun. Tata and Acru, two historical ones auditioned; Papo and Dani, two of the most acclaimed by the public joined at the last minute and the organization had to stretch the deadline; several novel faces and the usual controversy. In fact, the controversy will return tomorrow with all its splendor: the Freestyle Master Series returns with its first date, in Spain, and the announcement of the classifieds in Argentina, which surely does not leave 100% according to the demanding audience of battles.
The Argentine National Final will be on November 21, positioning itself as the last and hoping that the pandemic has ceased and the public is allowed to enter. For you, who shouldn’t miss this national Red Bull Battle of the Roosters?

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