translated from Spanish: Paris refers to laboratory that could test Covid-19 vaccine in Chile and expects to contribute at least 10 million doses

As reported by the Emol medium, the Chinese-born laboratory CanSino Biologics is currently in talks with at least four countries, including Chile, Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, with the aim of conducting a phase III test of its experimental vaccine against covid-19, so it could be the third giant laboratory of the Asian to make such agreements with Chile.Regarding this situation Minister Enrique Paris indicated that «this proposal of the laboratories to access this possibility of doing clinical trials in Chile has been accepted by the Government, the President of the Republic has given us this instruction, and here we are working closely with the Ministry of Science, with Minister Andrés Couve», and added that «the idea obviously, is to do clinical tests in phase 3, for this vaccine , for which three thousand people and a considerable money investment are required.» The Secretary of State recalled that for the time being there are other companies that are also submitting proposals for clinical trials of vaccines, «we will also take them into consideration, this is discussed with the expert committee, talks to the committee of vaccine experts, and participates in the Ministry of Sciences and Innovation, and I think we will have to choose the best possibility that is beneficial for our compatriots and in addition , allows us to obtain a significant amount of vaccines for the Chilean population.» In that line Paris stated that «we have thought that we need at least 10 million doses of vaccines for the Chilean population and if we are going to participate in this study, we want that contribution to be secured.»

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