translated from Spanish: SEE and municipal authorities coordinate protocols for back-to-school

Celic Mendoza
Morelia, Michoacán.- To publicize the protocols that will be applied in schools of basic education for the safe return to classes, the owner of the education sector, Héctor Ayala Morales met virtually with municipal authorities of the 113 municipalities.
August 10, he noted, is a reference date. «We will return to face-to-face classes when there is certainty of the health care of children, teachers and teachers and so provided by the State Health Safety Committee,» Ayala Morales said.
Therefore, he said, that this meeting is of paramount importance, since the authorities of all orders of government must be prepared to take responsibility for the return to classes and the health care of our communities.
He reported that Michoacán was one of the pioneers in the dissemination of protocols to prevent the contagion of COVID 19 in schools. The Michoacán Protocol was published on 1 June 2020 in the Official Newspaper of the State, and which can be consulted in:
He added that participatory School Health Committees will be strengthened, ensuring, with municipalities, that schools have filters at home, school and in classrooms; measures of permanent hygiene, use of head covers or scarves and maximum use of open spaces.
In addition, it ensured the training of school staff, mothers, parents and students on measures to prevent contagion and recalled that it is available to the population; in case of doubt about COVID-19, number 8001232890 by the Ministry of Health.
It also requested the municipalities to collaborate in supporting the care of the school environment and for all schools to have water service.

«Coordinated work between federation, state and municipalities will ensure that this mobility in the New Cohabitation is safely secured and the education of students of all levels and modalities will be ensured,» he stressed.

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