translated from Spanish: Sergio Berni on Facundo Castro: «We need to know what happened»

On Saturday afternoon, Sergio Berni referred to the disappearance of Facundo Astudillo Castro, the young man who was last seen on April 30 in Pedro Luro, city of the Bonaerense party of Villarino.The Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires held in conversation with Radio Mitre that the Federal Justice will determine whether the police had anything to do with the matter.» We need to know what happened, above all else if one or more policemen in the province of Buenos Aires are involved,» Berni said.
Facundo Castro’s same mother, Cristina Castro, asked to remove the police from the investigation. «I found it completely understandable, » said the Minister of Security of Bonaerense.» Until ordinary justice was investigating there was no evidence or objective data involving any police in the province. That’s not good or bad,» he said. «It is now up to the Federal Justice to define and investigate what happened.» On the other hand, Berni commented that he is in contact with the young man’s family and that, through Internal Affairs, they made available to the Court «the phones of each of the agents involved», which until now were not separated from the force.
For a «case of incompetence» put by The Judge of Guarantees 3, Susana Calcinelli, against a prosecutor from Bahía Banca, the file passed to the federal jurisdiction.

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