translated from Spanish: An Italian nurse’s warning about coronavirus: “I hope everything that happened doesn’t happen again”

Luca Alini, an Italian nurse from Cremona, issued a Facebook warning about the coronavirus that went viral in a matter of hours. “Here we go again. It’s not my custom to take selfies or post them on Facebook. I did this tonight at about 10pm at work. It’s not a March or April photo. We have begun to hospitalize COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory failure,” he said in a publication that it is no longer available but have lifted Italian media. 

“Most people now think of the sea, the mountains, an aperitif with friends, a weekend trip. If someone knows someone who lost one of their loved ones to the virus, they try to ask what they think of all this, the fact that there are people who insist on not wearing the mask. Let him try to ask and listen to what they think. In the meantime, we continue to do what we always do, even if we are no longer heroes or angels, we no longer have an honorary title,” explained the nurse. Luca Alini is not only working on the front line against the pandemic, but also became infected with coronavirus. “If I’m here to write, it means I managed to survive to tell it, and for us in March, all this wasn’t entirely obvious,” he said. Although he said that for now cases are limited, “not as in February or March or early April”, the coronavirus “did not forget to do its job, and as a good virus, it does what it has to do: it infects new hosts to survive”. On the opposite side are, says this nurse, those who claim that the virus “does not exist, some think that it never existed, others that it is an invention of pharmaceutical companies or some other phantom secret lobby. None of this. The virus exists, it doesn’t magically disappear and is still reaping victims in other parts of the world,” he wrote. The last patient of the first wave of Cremona coronavirus was discharged on June 30: “It was 8 days. We’re not free of COVID, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I hope everything that happened doesn’t happen again, of course, but no one can be sure of it,” Alini said in his Facebook post.” Very little is known about this virus, what we know we learned along the way and paid 35,000 deaths, more or less. In retrospect, it’s easy to talk, especially for those who weren’t in the halls in February, March, and April. What we saw and experienced in that period cannot be explained in words. Only those who were there can understand: first, patients (those who managed to survive), then health workers and patient relatives through what they went through, the long periods without seeing their loved ones,” he said. Finally, Alini noted that “the vast majority of people do not realize that the world is experiencing an event that will remain in the history books, for better or worse.” And he closed with a warning: “I had COVID (like many other colleagues), I have antibodies but I never had symptoms. But to be honest, I don’t feel at all calm even though the evidence says that, in theory, I would be immune.” 
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