translated from Spanish: Rodrigo Hinzpeter criticizes officialism: «There is misrule, lack of political leadership and very great political responsibility»

Chile Vamos suffered a defeat in the Chamber of Deputies, in the vote of the draft withdrawal of planned funds in which 13 parliamentarians of officialism paid in favor. The situation sparked an internal crisis that was discussed by former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter; who came out in the wake of the crisis in the coalition and made a hard analysis of the government of Sebastián Piñera.
The former Interior holder in the first government of the current Mandatario told El Mercurio that «the disorder of the right» – which occurred in the overall vote of the project that allows the withdrawal of 10% of the AFPs – «dyes a lot because it is too emblematic of an emblematic issue».
For the current general manager of Quiñenco, after the defeat in the House, there is definitely «misrule, lack of political leadership, lack of technical judgment and very large political responsibility».
According to Hinzpeter, «a more careful effort must be made in some ways that in the current times are irritating to the public and that are relatively simple to solve.» In that sense, the former minister said that, for example, the use of «war analogy» is a mistake, both in October and today.
«To speak that the pandemic is a formidable and powerful enemy or that we are at war is not good because words create realities or predispose encouragement. Secondly, some completely avoidable ‘indisciplines’, at a time when we are all making efforts to respect quarantine, carelessness is uninhensible,» said the former minister of Piñera who also referred to the role of the current Secretary of State for the Interior; Gonzalo Blumel.
Hinzpeter was blunt and noted that Blumel «has been a somewhat absent figure. The office is very difficult and mistakes can be made, but if one is minister of the interior he must take the risk of sin by presence and not by absence.»
«I have the impression that Gonzalo Blumel is a person who, legitimately, has not had a vocation as Minister of the Interior. That has made him sin of absence,» he added.

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