translated from Spanish: Covid-19: With 35,006 deaths, Mexico displaced Italy and is the 4th deadest country

With the report of the last day Mexico reached the threshold of 35,006 accumulated deaths linked to coronavirus, and with it surpassed Italy as the fourth country in the world with the highest deaths from the disease, while the number of confirmed infected exceeds 300,000, according to official data. The increase in the numbers of Latin America’s second-largest economy is amid the gradual reopening of activities under a critical plan by the Mexican authorities, whose initial estimates of contagion and death have been exceeded. In Italy, the number of victims by Covid-19 is 34,954, according to a Reuters count, although deaths per million inhabitants far exceed those of Mexico, according to the German portal Statista.

The health authorities of the Latin American country presented on Sunday an estimate of the number of people infected, which would reach almost 336,000.The Mexican government changed phases on June 1 as it moved from a confinement and suspension of non-essential activities to a new normality marked by a four-color traffic light that sets out the sanitary measures that must be met in order to carry out the authorized activities.
Red: If the hospital occupation is greater than 65% or if there are two weeks of stable increase.
Orange: If the hospital occupation is less than 65% and if two weeks of downward trend are recorded.
Yellow: If the hospital occupancy is less than 50% and if there are two weeks of downward trend.
Green: If the hospital occupancy is less than 50% and at least one month with stable low occupancy.

That is why since May, and from pressure from local and foreign entrepreneurs, it has reopened essential sectors of its economy, such as the automotive industry, which accounts for around 3% of local GDP, according to official figures. But now, the federal government shifted responsibility to the states to stagger, according to the local advance of the coronavirus outbreak, a return to activities based on a traffic light system, and the rules of the so-called «new normal.» Undersecretary of health Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who estimated weeks ago that the number of total deaths would be around 35,000 in Mexico, said Friday that «half of the epidemic is still missing.» The word of AMLO
Mexico’s President Andrés López Obrador said the coronavirus pandemic is losing intensity in the country after the record of new daily contagions was exceeded three times last week.

«The report is positive, it is good; the bottom line is that the pandemic is going down, it’s losing intensity,» the representative said. In a video message posted on his social media accounts, López Obrador stated that only in 9 of the 32 Mexican states «there is an increase in contagion» while in the other 23 «there is a decrease, it goes down».
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