translated from Spanish: Congress recalls with commemorative plaque the late Erik Juárez Blanquet

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – The LXXIV Legislature unveiled a commemorative plaque in honour of the deceased deputy, Erik Juárez Blanquet, killed at the hands of gatilleros on March 10.
Before the Juárez Blanquet family, DEPUTY Miriam Tinoco Soto condemned the manslaughter’s murder, and demanded justice by recalling that the case has not yet turned over to those responsible.
“Serve this plaque of congress, in the form of justice, for the one that you are still denied, but which we still demand, serves to remind you, not for what you thought but for the strength and wisdom you had to express and execute precisely what you believed in.”
He highlighted the work of the deceased within the Congress, in Commissions, and especially in the municipality of which he was president, Angamacutiro.
The plaque in his honor read: “In this life three things really matter, how generous you were, everything you loved and how much you dreamed.”
It was on March 10 that the van Erik Juarez was travelling in was intercepted by two armed subjects, who fired on the congressman, instantly taking his life. The perredista was just a few blocks from arriving at the legislative building when he was killed.

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