translated from Spanish: Fernandez replied to the Mothers with another letter: “I always hear them”

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, responded this afternoon to the letter that the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo sent today, where they criticized the presence of the most important businessmen of the country in the act for Independence Day.
“We feel aggrieved and wounded deep in our hearts to see that you sat at your table all those who exploit our workers, and those who ransacked the country,” said the letter sent by the institution that runs Hebe de Bonafini, where they also pointed them out as “those who kidnapped many of our children.” In his response, Fernandez began by saying, “I know that what you express to me does so from the reciprocal affection we have.” 
Throughout the missive, the national representative highlights policies aimed at the sectors most affected by the four years of Mauricio Macri and recalled his phrase by assuming: “We had to start with those who were lower to reach everyone.”
“This government works every day to do so and believes in dialogue in order to move forward”

In another section of the letter, Fernández writes to the Mothers that “at the table of this president sits people from large, medium and small companies, workers, social movements”, etc.  >

Before closing “with the affection and affection of old,” the president reminded human rights leaders, “I always listen to them and attend to their remarks or qualms.” 

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