translated from Spanish: Hannibal Mosa: “We owe each other a private conversation with the players”

The president of Black and White, Hannibal Mosa, referred on Tuesday to the break with the colo Colo campus and stated that “we owe ourselves a private conversation” to smooth out roughness and focus on sports on the return to practices in full quarantine by coronavirus. The cordiality between the players and the board was broken at the end of April, at which point the concessionaire – in full football detention – took over the Employment Protection Act, thus suspending contracts with footballers.” We owe each other a private conversation with the players and tell each other a couple of things to look at the future. I don’t think this is a dead relationship and we have a responsibility to recompose it,” said the ‘Cacique’ command in dialogue with Radio Cooperativa.” The last thing we wanted to do was send the players to unemployment insurance. I’ve always been very close to the people I work with and that won’t change, but there are decisions that need to be made to keep the institution afloat,” he added. The Puertomontino businessman even revealed that he had chatted in the last few hours with the striker and captain, Esteban Paredes. “Yesterday I spoke to him Monday and told him that we were going to raise the insurance issue from Thursday. The affections and respects are there,” he said. Economically, Mosa said that “Colo Colo’s financial situation is delicate, but stable,” noting that there will be a total deficit this 2020 of 5 billion pesos.

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