translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s Office investigates purchases in Chile with Data from Bolsonaro

The Centro Norte Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to this medium that it investigates the alleged illegal purchase in Chile with credit card details of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his children.
The complaint was made by the Falabella multistore, which found that some employees made suspicious acquisitions, as revealed yesterday radio Bío-Bío. They would have been made with information from a hack and leak of the commercial data of the representative, for which the anonymous collective was responsible on 2 June. At the time, its broadcast had thousands of interactions via Twitter in Chile.
Alerts were turned on when 27,000 purchase orders were detected on the site The internal review of the company led to the identification of some officials after purchases made with the Visa data of the president and his sons Carlos and Flavio Bolsonaro, who are also controversial politicians in their country.
Suspects bought cell phones for about a million pesos, 500,000 watches, mattresses, slippers, bicycles, computers, tech accessories and there were also cash turns.
According to internal research, 77 transactions were carried out by 22 persons engaged in different tasks and areas of Falabella and its subsidiaries Tottus and Sodimac.
When the leak was carried out, Bolsonaro threatened that it would take legal action to ensure that “such crimes do not go unpunished.”
From the Chilean Public Prosecutor’s Office, they reported yesterday that the complaint is for fraudulent use of credit cards and will be guided by the highly complex crime prosecutor, Jaime Retamal, who has already ordered the first proceedings to the IDI Cybercrime Brigade.
Those responsible risk penalties ranging from 541 days to 5 years in prison, plus fines for up to three times the amount defrauded.

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