translated from Spanish: Vilma Ibarra: «Government has abortion legalization project ready»

Today, ten years ago Argentina was taking one of the most important steps in human rights: the recognition of equal marriage. Now, with an eye on the horizon, the state is working on ensuring a new bill: voluntary termination of pregnancy.

This was confirmed by the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Nation, Vilma Ibarra, in dialogue with Luis Novaresio in Loose Animals. «The abortion legalization project is ready,» he announced, stressing the importance of this measure in the country.» On abortion is all quite invented and debated. We in that regard, the President has said much better than I have, we want to prevent deaths of avoidable women. Today we are in the worst of the worlds. Abortions happen in hundreds of thousands and women also die in clandestine abortions, threatened with going to jail,» she said.
«We want to change that state of affairs. We want the least number of abortions to happen, that’s why we believe a lot in the ESI (Integral Sexual Education), and we also want to prevent the avoidable deaths of women who today die for a law that threatens them to go to jail,» he added. Not forgetting the date, day that became a precedent in Latin America, Ibarra stated that they gave «a very beautiful battle for that law». «There are still sectors of homophobia, we live them, exist and suffer a great deal, but I think That is not mostly the case. I think there are conservative sectors, which have more resistance to social change, but mostly Argentina has a very attentive population to rights,» he said.
«We had a very beautiful battle for that law, which does no harm to anyone, only recognized rights that had been denied to people for a long time. Why? Because it was considered that a certain sexual orientation could have rights and another could not. Thought of this, it’s huge discrimination. I think we were able to say it and we were able to say it right. We are left with the most beautiful words: respect, dignity, diversity, freedom, democratization, enlargement of rights. Why is one going to be afraid to say who he is, what he lives, to count the happiness of loving one who one wants to love?» he said. To close, the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Nation mentioned that «we managed to build a very interesting cross-cutting political consensus», which shows that «when political leadership contacts society, social demands and agrees to expand rights, we can do so.»
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