translated from Spanish: Elqui Valley solar plant project received environmental approval

The Environmental Assessment Commission reviewed in detail and approved the project «New Solar Photovoltaic Plant Santa Francisca», of the company CVE Project Seventeen SpA., which involves an investment of US$ 7.6 million, which would be located in the sector of La Campana, commune of Vicuña.La future solar plant involves an investment of US$ 7.6 million and the generation of employment for about 80 people in its construction phase. On the environmentally approved project, coquimbo region mayor Lucía Pinto stated that «despite the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the health and economy of our families, our region continues to move and as a government we are taking all necessary measures to deal with the health emergency, but at the same time, we are preparing to address what comes after it , reviewing initiatives like this, which will help us continue to generate jobs in economically very complex times.» The area considered for this plant is 7.95 hectares, of which 3.92 hectares will be involved, while its service life is estimated at 30 years and 9 months, including construction, operations and closure, generating electricity through the capture and transformation of solar energy, to inject a power of 5.77 MW into the National Electric System (SEN).

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