translated from Spanish: Mario Negri: “One in two Argentines is going to be poor when the pandemic ends”

With regard to the multidimensional and complex scenario that Argentina and the world transits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, who provided his feelings about it was the deputy of the nation and current president of the interlock Together for Change, Mario Negri. In dialogue with La Red, the legislator set out to refer to the video conference held about the beginning of this week with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández: “I am very careful because in Argentina they have been filled with photos in the past announcing great things and then the photos have been broken. I think it was a small step in the face of the gulf ahead between the uncertainty of the pandemic and the economy.” “We have a worse situation than we do in 2001. I’m not talking about guilt, blame builds up. The crisis that was coming the most of the pandemic crisis is already out of the question that we are going to get poorer. For a long time, one in two Argentines is going to be poor when the pandemic ends,” he said.

Similarly, he expressed concern about the security agenda, commanded at the national level by Minister Sabina Frederic: “We do not see the concern externalized with the reality of the facts plausible. We want the Minister of Security to go to Congress but not to fight. Regardless of whether the provinces are autonomous, a security idea has to be led.” In another order of matters, consulted on the tax on large fortunes, Negri dismissed being aware of the content of the project: “No one knows him. I’ve been told, we’re going to send a draft for you to see, but he hasn’t come in. There will be a discussion within the government about that.” Ultimately he referred to the leadership of Alberto Fernández, contemplating in this analysis the figure of his vice president, Cristina Kirchner: “We are in a moment of deep crisis. It’s not that I discover gunpowder and this is not pejorative for the president I’ve talked to, but I think the government builder is Cristina.” 

“For Cristina, Alberto is part of his strategy, not that Alberto has built the coming to power. What I do see is that they are very contradictory signs because the one who governs must set the course,” he said. “The president had a very strong social empowerment when the pandemic arrived, even of those who did not vote for it, to accompany the entire political arc. Now my impression is that that became a political capital that he could have seized the opportunity,” the congressman said.
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