translated from Spanish: October 18, tentative election date in Hidalgo and Coahuila: INE

The National Electoral Institute (INE) and the electoral institutes of Hidalgo and Coahuila established as the tentative date of their local elections on October 18.
Originally, such elections would take place on June 7, but the epidemic slowed the process and had to be postponed.
In Hidalgo citizens will vote to renovate 84 town halls and in Coahuila to renew the local Congress.
«The resumption of activities aimed at developing the electoral process in the midst of the current pandemic context in the country will involve the implementation of health measures in the development of the electoral process, as well as at the polling stations, to ensure the exercise of the right to vote of citizens without jeastaning the health of officials and polling station officials, and of the people who will come to cast the vote,» the INE said in a statement on the election of Hidalgo.
«It was set as a likely date to celebrate Election Day next Sunday, October 18, with the agreement of the INE General Council and as long as sanitary conditions permit,» he added.
On June 29th, the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, said that it was «fundamental that Hidalgo’s elections take place this year, since the mandate of the municipalities ends next September 4».
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