translated from Spanish: Truckers’ Guild Blocks Free Market Depots

The Truckers Guild blocked seven logistics centers of the Mercado Libre company and prevents the distribution of products. The union’s claim is due to the affiliation of employees in that sector who are currently under another agreement. The measure of strength reaches the company’s deposit in Villa Madero, near the Central Market, and to six other establishments on which the delivery of the products marketed by Mercado Libre depends.” We conducted surveys and found that more than 80% of vans and transport units do not comply with the agreement. They’re in black or they’re listed as monotributists to evade taxes. They’re charging half of what they have to collect,” said Trade Union Secretary Pablo Moyano. He added that it is an issue that “have been denouncing since the time of macerism.” However, the conflict erupted last night. “The government of Macri and Mercado Libre had a very good relationship and that is why they allowed workers to be framed in another trade union organization. This company wants to keep making millions of dollars but at the rib of the workers,” the leader said. From the Free Market platform they issued a statement: “The distribution of products from these Centres is completely interrupted, affecting the work of thousands of SMEs that have as their main source of income the sale of products online in this pandemic”.

The illegal blocking of the Truckers’ Union from our distribution centers affects thousands of SMEs that depend on the sale of products online and has a direct impact on the millions of users who need to receive essential products in this pandemic context. — Free Market (@Mercadolibre)
July 16, 2020

“This action directly harms the e-commerce value chain, which includes hundreds of companies and people living off transportation, mostly affiliated with the Truckers’ Union,” the letter continued. Finally, they sent a message to users who have their products held back. “The company guarantees that all products are protected, and each user can track the status of their orders through the platform. We are working to give an early response to all users, both sellers and buyers, affected by this blockage.”

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