translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez spoke to Estela de Carlotto and thanked Granny’s support

The President of the Argentine Republic, Alberto Fernández, closed the day on Thursday after having a conversation with the holder of Granny of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, and thanked him for the support of that organization in the face of the difficulties that the country is facing through the pandemic of coronavirus.» Thank you, dear Grandmothers, and thank you dear Estela for being and accompanying us in this difficult time,» the representative posted on his Twitter account, while defining the organization as an «example of commitment and conduct for all Argentines.» In the video of the conversation, Carlotto called the representative «example» and «a full person we trust 100 per 100».

Thank you dear @abuelasdifusion and thank you dear Estela Carlotto for being and accompanying us in this difficult time. They are an example of commitment and conduct for all Argentines. I embrace them in the distance with all my love. — Alberto Fernández (@alferdez)
July 17, 2020

«To those voices that out there tell you what to do, I would say to shut up, that you know very well what you have to do,» the owner of Grandmothers suggested to the representative. In addition, the human rights reference considered that the country «attacked this pandemic in advance and carries a place of privilege and example», so it confirmed Fernandez to «count» on grandmothers for what he «needs». For his part, the representative emphasized that the organization is an «example of life, moral and ethical» and noted that the words of recognition, «living from those who come, have enormous value». The exchange took place after the letter from his peer of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, who harshly questioned the president for joining with «exploiters» who «ransacked the country.» Dialogue is necessary to find a collective response from a country that is in a tremendous crisis. We can’t make a card at the volley and then want to erase it with our elbow. That’s in people, and outside. We need to be closer than ever,» Estela said in this regard. 
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