translated from Spanish: Confirmed: the shoe that was used to assassinate Fernando Báez Sosa is from Máximo Thomsen

This Friday, half a year after the murder of Fernando Báez Sosa in Villa Gesell, the final results of a key expertise were obtained for the case: the bloody shoe found in the house that rented the rugbiers and that was used to finalize the victim belongs to Máximo Thomsen.De according to what Infobae published, the study carried out by the Scopometric Laboratory of the Federal Police in Mar del Plata proved that the brand was about Fernando’s body and which, moreover, coincides with the foot of one of the main defendants of the crime.

While that was not the only impression found on the young man’s body, it was the clearest: another mark found was too small to be attributed 100% to a particular shoe or foot. From the outset, the shoe had been linked to Thomsen: the videos that record the brutal attack portray him by dressing him.

Fernando’s bloody shoe was found in the Rugbiers’ house.

Despite the evidence, the case instructed by prosecutor Veronica Zamboni is not yet closed: according to the Penal Code, there are still four months left to bring her to trial. Zambonia plans to gather new evidence and testimonies over the course of the coming weeks.

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