translated from Spanish: Mayor of Quinta de Tilcoco was formalized after evading a health check

On Thursday, the mayor of Quinta de Tilcoco, Nelson Barrios, was formalized, accused of evading a health check in Pichilemu and running over a Carabineros official before being arrested. The communal chief was charged with a quasi-small injury, mistreatment and threats to Carabineros, concealment of identity and escape from accident site. Prosecutor Rodrigo Troncoso explained that the defense of Barrios requested the illegality of the detention, since the mayor had identified himself with a credential of the municipality, arguing that this was sufficient to comply with health regulations. However, the pursuer maintained that the authority did not comply with health regulations, as he did not present his identity card and did not stop at the site, ran over an official from Carabineros, fleeing the place without providing proper assistance. Subsequently, the mayor was arrested on the urban radius of the commune of Pichilemu by another police vehicle, threatening police officers, reiterating his refusal to identify himself, and caused a uniform on his wrist to sprain as he set out to get him out of the vehicle. Finally, prosecutor Troncoso detailed that the court set a 90-day deadline for the investigation of the case and provided that Barrios must comply with the precautionary measure of weekly signature at the holding of Quinta de Tilcoco.

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