translated from Spanish: New covid-19 outbreaks trigger alarms in the world; Mexico affected?

World.- New coronavirus outbreaks, even as remote as China’s western region of Xinjiang, pushed for measures around the world to protect against the pandemic, as the overall number of confirmed cases approached 14 million. India announced on Friday that it has more than a million cases, the third country to surpass that mark after the United States and Brazil, with more than 25,000 deaths. Hours earlier, Brazil confirmed that it overcame the two-million infection barrier and 76,000 deaths — an average of 1,000 daily since the end of May, a horrific stabilization of a contagion curve that does not shrink.
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The situation in India raised doubts about its readiness to cope with an inevitable increase in contagion that could exceed the capacity of its hospitals and test its fragile health system. In Bangalore, a city that prides itself on being the center of the country’s technological innovation, the government ordered a week-long quarantine that began Tuesday night due to an exponential increase in contagion. You might be interested: Sergio Sepúlveda touches Laura G’s ass live and apologizesThe local governments are trying to stop outbreaks by all means while keeping their economies going, while the pandemic spreads through vast rural areas.» Acceleration in cases continues to be the main challenge for India in the coming days,» said Dr. Ashish Jha, director of Harvard’s Global Health Institute, who noted that a vast majority of cases remain unaccounted for. China 
China reported on Friday nine imported cases and one of local transmission in Xinjiang, where local health authorities were monitoring three other people, and flights to and from the region’s capital, Urumqi, were allegedly restricted. Authorities were working to track the contacts of a factory worker who fell ill, the Urumqi Health Commission said in his social media profile WeChat.Asia
Moreover, in Indonesia, extensive restrictions were expected to continue in the capital, Jakarta, in the face of increased cases of COVID-19, while cinemas and other entertainment spaces remain closed. In South Korea, the authorities said they could be making progress in controlling outbreaks in their capital, Seoul. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 60 new recent contagions, including 39 linked to people arriving from abroad. But a senior Ministry of Health official, Yoon Tae-ho, told reporters that imported cases were less worrisome than locals because they would be detected in a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all those living abroad. Everyone passes a test within three days. Worldwide, more than 13.7 million contagions have been confirmed, with nearly 590,000 dead, according to a Johns Hopkins University count. It is believed that the actual figure could be much higher for several reasons, including limited access to screening. Two-week quarantines are becoming the usual protocol, and many governments have delayed reopening and tightened restrictions to try to prevent regrows. United States
Coronavirus cases have risen in some parts of the United States, with a record confirmed infections and death in the South and West.Hospitals are on the verge of their capacity in many areas in fear that the outbreak of the pandemic is just beginning. Re-openings following the end of quarantines in April have led to the order to wear masks or other face cover in at least half of the country’s 50 states. Situation of Mexico 
Since the beginning of the pandemic by covid-19 in Mexico the number of cases was climbing at unexpected speeds by the majority, and today July 17, months after that, the country has 324,041 infected. A figure that in the beginning no one would have imagined, so much so that even at the moment IIt is a sector of public opinion that believes them to be false, some consider the numbers to be less than the reality, others that they are inflated.
Yesterday, 16 July, during the presentation of the Covid-19 report at Palacio Nacional, the official authorities reported that in addition to the positives to the virus, 37 thousand 574 people have lost their lives for the same cause. You might be interested: Dry Law in Yucatan?; panic purchases (VIDEOS) 203 thousand 464 recovered were also reported, as well as 375 thousand 455 tests with negative results.

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In the last fortnight Mexico has accumulated a total of 28,786 active cases and 82,567 suspects who are waiting to confirm or deny their diagnosis. Week 27 requires a 12% increase in contagion when comparing data with week 26.
It was added that it went from 14% to 13% of active cases in the last two weeks, totaling 48,857 sick people during that period. Now, with the above data and comparing it to those of other countries, we could begin to doubt whether Mexico is at risk of a new major regrowth of coronavirus.

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