translated from Spanish: Subdere to distribute $15 billion pesos to 174 communes in the country

The Undersecretariat for Regional and Administrative Development (Subdere) reported on the delivery of the Municipal Management Improvement Incentive Fund (Figem), where they will be distributed in 174 communes of the country, $15,709 million pesos. As explained by the Under-Secretary for Regional Development, Juan Masferrer, the distribution of these resources will be extended by two weeks. In addition, he indicated that the choice of cities «was made by prioritizing those communes that with a lower level of development and fewer resources, have been able to optimize and carry out their work efficiently. In this way we make sure that this monetary support, which rewards good management, gets where it is needed most today.» The authority also stated that «75% of Figem’s resources will be allocated to support the management of the country’s least developed communes.» In this way, among the communes benefited is Padre Las Casas, San Javier, Collipulli, Parral and El Quisco (3), Mejillones, Requinoa, Casablanca, Romeral and Las Cabras (4), as well as Easter Island, Torres del Paine, Maule, San Nicolás and Panguipulli (5). This explained that among the indicators assessed to determine the money for each local government were taken into account levels of planned debt, reportability of budgetary and accounting information to the Comptroller General of the Republic, revenue management, transparency, and accountability in the delivery of information.

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