translated from Spanish: To avoid the “tax bike”: Lagos Weber will present indication to withdrawal project to prevent rich people from withdrawing money

On Friday, PPD Sen. Ricardo Lagos Weber announced that he will present an indication to the project that allows pension funds, so far set at 10%, so that those with higher incomes and have not decreased the pandemic, cannot withdraw them.
According to the parliamentarian, who is also a member of the Senate Constitution Committee that analyses the initiative, with this he seeks to produce what they have called a “tax bike”, something that is used by the Government to criticize the project.
“Why do people who didn’t lower their income, who have a lot of lucas, who’s going to be withdrawing money to put them in the APV without paying taxes? No, for me, progressism is not a la carte and less on tax issues,” Lagos Weber said in the Constitution Commission.
Lagos Weber refers to the number of people with a lot of money being able to access the project’s maximum withdrawal ceiling, close to 4.3 million, to take it out and deposit it in a Voluntary Planned Savings (APV), thus maintaining their planned savings and receiving a “tax benefit” that is more generous to the higher-income people.
“We already said that together with opposition senators we will approve 10% withdrawal. That’s not in dispute. The question is whether money that has never paid taxes and are of Chile’s highest wages should pay those taxes. We need to discuss it and vote,” he explained later on his Twitter account.

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