translated from Spanish: Is it worth paying for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The goodness and disadvantages of the Xbox Game Pass with mixed results, but now it’s time to take a look at the Worth it, Microsoft’s new bet for its users, which after a year of release, lets us see perfectly what its current state is to know if it’s worth buying. First things first: what is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and how is it different from its cheaper version? At the out of the way, it is the same product, a service of On Demand games that you can access by paying for a subscription and that you can only play while you pay for it, but at the same time you can buy with special discounts thanks to that same “rent” of the service.
The only two extra spins that this new version of Game Pass has are that it includes the Xbox Live Gold service and support for games on PC… and that’s absolutely all you need to have a complete system for a platform that’s not exactly Xbox, but Microsoft. The regular Xbox Game Pass system has improved significantly since we reviewed Spaghetti Code a year ago. It has increased its number of games and the goodness it gives the player, but especially with the arrival of Ultimate, this is maximized, granting not only popular and iconic Xbox games (also from past generations), but premieres and exclusives, all in a digital acquis available to move, remove and put to your liking.
Currently, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library consists of 234 console titles and 190 more for PC, all optimized for the platform’s needs and capabilities, not limited to beta, demo, or trial versions.
And that’s not all that this service poses, because on top of that, and to promote the download of different titles, it is handled with a system of challenges, challenges and tasks, so you get experience points and then redeem them for tickets for sweepstakes for Microsoft prizes, such as Office subscriptions, Game Pass, Spotify, Microsoft gift cards , games and how much they come up with to put as rewards.
Clearly, this all sounds pretty good, but what’s the real economic benefit? Does it exist at least? Being a gamer is a pretty expensive pastime for consolers and even more so when it comes to PC players.
The base price of this substitution is 139 Mexican pesos per month, i.e. 1 thousand 668 per year each. A Live Gold subscription can be purchased for 599 pesos for every six months, i.e. 1 thousand 198 pesos per year. This gives us a total of 4 thousand 534 pesos. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a monthly cost of 208.99 pesos per month, resulting in a total of 2 thousand 507 pesos per year. Of course, it’s not a cheap subscription either. It far surpasses the annual streaming subscriptions that we are used to, such as Netflix, Spotify or Amazon, to name a few.
However, the benefits it offers are quite attractive, besides that it can be considered as an all in one product; Subject to a few points, it is clear that it is convenient to spend on this service if what interests you most is to have a good diversity of games to try, because in addition to the games that it currently has, that list is updated with more and more titles and promises to continue increasing its offer with the arrival of the next generation of consoles.
On the other hand, it is clear that this subscription is much more worthwhile if you are not only a console player, but also a PC player. The titles you can access are as good as you can imagine, ranging from the Halo saga to Age Of Empires or to Gears 5. Like any product, it has its reservations and is not intended for all audiences. Having this subscription won’t save you from paying the most popular titles every year because, it’s obvious, their sales possibilities are in the wide market and won’t be part of a service that reduces their price and possible impact of downloads and sales.
Despite that, it remains and is, so far, the best service of the kind that exists. Unlike PlayStation Plus and EA Accesses, Game Pass Ultimate has fewer restrictions and a much broader library that is not limited to a single developer or very regular and unclear title releases.
If the price is within your means and you plan to continue alongside Microsoft for the next generation of consoles, this service is something worth not only trying, but watching and continuing to experiment while continuing to expand into possibilities and capabilities; and the best thing is that if you want to try if it’s for you, you just have to take the free 10 pesos test one… or two or three times. The times your heart feels happy.

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