translated from Spanish: José Durana (UDI) said that if the current scenario does not vary he opts for voting in favor of the withdrawal of 10%

Senator UDI José Durana, one of the parliamentarians who has pointed out that he is considering, on the project that allows the withdrawal of 10% of the planned funds, said in radio Cooperativa, that in the interest of no changes in the current conditions, and the government’s aid plan, he is inclined to vote favorably the initiative.
«If there is no change to the government’s plan, I am inclined to vote for people,» the parliamentarian said.
This, after the project was approved by the Chamber of Deputies, will begin to be reviewed by the Constitution Committee of the Upper House. According to estimates, the 24 votes that opponents in the Senate add up would be required to complete the quorum that the bill requires.
Durana further stated that his decision is not an «ideological tilt» and suggested that one of his qualms about the initiative is that people who have not suffered financial declines during the pandemic can also access the withdrawal of funds. The parliamentarian also questioned the scope of aid programmes emanating from La Moneda. «We have reached vulnerable sectors and SMEs, but we need to show the universability of profits,» he added.  
Asked for any possible sanction from his party, after the UDI determined to pass the Supreme Court of the collective to deputies, Durana said he did not feel fear about it and further argued that «I would like to think that Lavín is not the only one licensed in the UDI to do or say what he wants», after the senator gremialista Iván Moreira, said that in the midst of the reflection he makes as a result of the initiative, he would talk to the mayor of Las Condes, who recently criticized The Currency’s aid plan for the middle class.

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