translated from Spanish: Mazatlan hotels await rebound in bookings by end of July

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- On a tour of Mazatlan hotels, the front deskers reported that they have an occupancy of about 30 percent. 
The influx
The staff of the lodging centers detailed that the first week of July (1 to 7), that the number of visitors and lodgings picked up.
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The workers estimated that the tourists arrived as soon as the beaches were opened, to go out to get distracted after the mandatory confinement. At the Victoria hotel, the first week of the tourist revival the hotel took 50 percent.
The first week we had a good influx, and we did not get food, and more people arrived with intentions to acquire a room, said Enrique Chiquete, receptionist of the Victoria hotel.

At the De Cima hotel, they revealed that reservations have dropped since the second week. The reception department indicated that they have reservations by the end of July. The percentage occupied by the lodging centers are regional visitors, from Zacatecas, Torreón, Coahuila, Durango, Chihuahua, Aguascalientes and Mexicali.National tourists stroll through the main attractive points of the city for three to four days.

Photo: Sergio Perez/EL DEBATE

Despite not having even 40 percent occupancy, staff have good expectations for the upcoming summer vacation. They hope to increase the influx, because after being unemployed for four months due to health contingency, employees intend to make a profit from the tips left by visitors. Most workers have to bring a livelihood to their homes. Hoteliers are looking for authorities to expand the percentage of rooms to gain more resources after they have not operated by the health emergency. Sanitary measures
A health protocol has been implemented in all lodging establishments. Mainly, the health of workers has to be taken care of. At the time of entering the enclosure, the temperature must be measured and antibacterial gel taken, in addition to using mandatory bottle covers. For guests, these measures are also being taken before they are staying at the hotel they chose. In addition, all luggage is disinfected to provide safety to tourists arriving in Mazatlan.You may be interestedCoronavirus in Mazatlan: 198 cases and 214 deaths by Covid-19 today July 17Conformed in FERROMEX; disapprove of return of personnel susceptible to Covid-19Sectur and Viality agree to apply strict health protocols

Original source in Spanish

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