translated from Spanish: The Basque Country asked Fernandez for “public and immediate rectification”

The Basque Country today rejected the sayings that President Alberto Fernández made in the announcement of the new quarantine and demanded a “public and immediate rectification”. Fernández gave the Spanish province as an example and explained that there “it was had to be chosen who was saved and who was dying” by coronavirus in the face of overflowing the health system.

“In the Basque Country when attention spans in sanatoriums, unfortunately, you had to choose who was saved and who was dying,” he said. In response to these statements, the Lehendakari, President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu Renteria, sent a formal protest through the Delegation in Buenos Aires to point out “the falseness of such a claim”.

“Further, given the extremely sensitive of the issue and the serious damage it may entail to the reputation and image of the Basque Country in Argentina, a public and immediate correction has been requested,” the Basque Government said through a statement.

In this regard, the Basque authorities stated that their health system “has provided quality care to all people affected by COVID-19” and stressed that patients were treated “in the sanitary facilities themselves, without resorting to field hospitals or other facilities that were not adequately prepared”. It is not the first time that Fernández has generated a conflict with a foreign country or region, since in previous announcements he showed an erroneous chart about Chile or gave as an example the situation in Sweden, which generated a diplomatic response.

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