translated from Spanish: WHO confirmed new record of COVID-19 contagion worldwide

The World Health Organization confirmed that on Friday the number of coronaviruses across the planet broke the record, surpassed 237,000 daily, and reached the number of 14 million infected on five continents. Although the number of contagions increases day by day, the number of deaths has remained stable for two months with approximately 5,000 deaths per day. Experts say that the number of infected people is even higher considering the difficulty of some countries testing their population and that the vast majority of those infected have no symptoms.

As the statement details, Europe exceeded 3 million infected (205,000 deaths) across the continent, but the epicentre of the pandemic remains America with 7.3 million infected (302,000 deaths). Africa and Asia, meanwhile, accumulate 1.3 million each. The United States remains the worst-affected country, with 3.5 million cases, followed by Brazil, which today exceeded 2 million, third is India with 1 million, Russia (759,000), Peru (341,000), Chile (326,000) and South Africa (324,200), which has just passed to Mexico (324,000).

In terms of deaths, the US suffered 137 thousand losses, Brazil 76 thousand, United Kingdom 45 thousand and Mexico with 37 thousand ranks fourth. Finally, the patients recovered globally would be 8.5 million, but it is a figure provided by national health authorities and not BY WHO.

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