translated from Spanish: Morena MPs call for re-enteering process to elect new INE directors

A group of at least 70 deputies from Morena and related parties asked in a letter addressed to their coordinator and chairman of the Political Coordination Board, Mario Delgado, to use “all parliamentary resources” which gives them their qualified majority to replenish the evaluation process of applicants to be new inE advisors.
They textually called for “the replacement of the applicant evaluation process with a new methodology and strict parameters for the Committee to refrain from further biased evaluation”. 
This, after the 16 July, the Technical Evaluation Committee elected 20 finalists, separated into four quintet, as part of the process for the INE General Council to have four new members, which was planned to be concluded on 22 July with the vote in plenary.
In their letter, the Morenist legislators accused that these quintet “do not include the best profiles and, on the other hand, it is otherwise clear that people mostly identified with groups hostile to the Fourth Transformation were inserted, and that they nullify any hope of generating the necessary changes in the performance of the electoral management body.”
They also noted that the Technical Committee “committed an obvious violation of the Coordination Board Agreement that enabled it to intervene, as it adopted its results without consensus and devoid of any reasoning and movement that would reason or justify them.”
Signatories include lawmakers Dolores Padierna and Benjamin Robles.

After the Council unveiled the quintuplets it sent to the Political Coordination Board, one of its members, John Ackerman, accused the questionable process that the process had been biased and that among the finalists there were “people with questionable trajectories”.
In view of this, the rest of the Committee replied that the choice of quintet had been the result of a transparent and professional process, which took months of work.
Among the finalists to be new directors and advisors of the INE, are Carla Humphrey, Eunice Rendón, Javier Aparicio and José Martín Fernando Faz.

The result we gave today reflects months of collegiate work and discussions in a framework of respect (now, full communication).
— Silvia Giorguli (@Ssaucedo5050) July 17, 2020

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