translated from Spanish: With 3,000 tokens delivered, normal application process is closed

Michoacán.- Just over 3 thousand tokens were presented for the applicants again at the 8 normal of the state and the Center for the Update of the Magisterium in the Entity.
According to the owner of the educational sector, Héctor Ayala Morales, within the procedure the safety and hygiene measures were complied with to prevent covid-19 contagion.
He referred that the General Coordination of Educational Planning and Evaluation through the Educational Assessment Directorate, in coordination with the Undersecretariat of Higher and Higher Middle Education, will carry out on July 31 the selection of applicants for Normal Education, in strict adherence to the standards of evaluation in force, through Knowledge Diagnostic Instruments for Admission to Normal Schools , (IDCIEN) 2020.
How you will remember the space for the 8 normals are as follows: In the Rural Normal “Vasco de Quiroga” in Tiripetío, the registration is kept to 140 spaces In the Federal Urban Normal School “Profr. J. Jesús Romero Flores”, 150 young people will be accepted, the figure similar to that of the last school year, that is, there is no reduction. In the Normal School of Educators, of 120 places that had been offered in other years, by 2020 will be left in 115 spaces, i.e. a reduction of five young people. In the Normal School of Physical Education (ENEF) is where a more significant reduction will be applied, since of 124 places, it will be in 90 spaces. In the Superior Normal of Michoacán, there is no reduction, as 120 spaces are maintained, but the educational authorities reported that the specialties will be reordered because they are engaged in geography and biology teachers. In the Michoacán Magisterium Update Center (CAMM) the license plate remains at 60 spaces. For the Normal in Arteaga in the primary specialty, there is an increase from 128 to a total of 130 spaces. In preschool, also from Arteaga, 127 will move to 115 spaces available for this next school year. At the Indigenous Normal School, enrollment is maintained in 100 spaces.

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