translated from Spanish: AMLO crosses from political opportunism situation of Chihuahua to deliver water (Video)

Photograph/ Press Government of Mexico
Mexico.- After yesterday, a group of peasants clashed with elements of the National Guard who guarded the Dam the Virgins, in the face of the claim that they would be without water, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that “they have been told that they are going to run out of water, that is absolutely false, it is a lie will not be left without water”
The President indicated that because of the agreement that was signed with the United States since 1944, it is necessary to deliver some of the water, which goes to the rivers of Mexico.

Listen to the cries of despair and anger from this #Chihuahua farmer.
The government sent military police to stop protest demonstrations.
They started with rubber bullets, but not only that’s what they used.
Where are Lopez’s promises?
Where’s the happiness?
— Spray (@ROCIOALCALAG) July 19, 2020

The representative said “it is a covenant from my point of view, equitable even if it seems incredible. and we don’t want to give rise to a review for obvious reasons, so we have to comply with that treaty so that it is not grounds for any retaliation that harms our nation to our country. Already fulfilled the inhabitants of Nuevo León de Tamaulipas in the case of Chihuahua there is still a quantity of pending water that has to be moved, which has to be sent to comply with this agreement.

AMLO argued that “as there are elections in Chihuahua there has been political opportunism, politicking of some legislators there is even a municipal president of MORENA.”

National Guard attacks Chihuahua farmers who defend water. ?
Organized crime, hugs.
The people who demand their rights, bullets.
Cowardly and treacherous government, #PresaLasVírgenes #Rosales #Chihuahua
— Enea Salgado (@Enea_Salgado) July 19, 2020

AMLO said, trying to pull political raja “there is no risk that they will run out of water we can fulfill the commitment to deliver the volumes of water required by this international convention and at the same time have enough water for irrigation”.

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