translated from Spanish: Psychological violence, the biggest reports in the pandemic

Celic Mendoza
60 per cent of the complaints addressed during the present Covid-19 pandemic by the Women’s Secretariat are for psychological violence.
According to the owner of the area, Nuria Gabriela Hernández Abarca, thousands 074 women have been treated for gender-based violence since the beginning of the health emergency.
«COVID-19, in short, is not the worst enemy that women face in this health emergency, they live with their victims and fear or other emotional conditions generate that they do not seek help,» she said.
Therefore, she noted that they work in the prevention and attention of all forms of violence against girls and women, «as a society we have to be empathetic to a problem that affects all of us, denouncing hearing or knowing of a woman who lives in violence allows us to act and protect her.»
It indicated that women needed to live a life free from violence, and the units had been instructed to reinforce all the actions necessary to care for them and their integrity during the contingency.
Women who are in danger from gender-based violence or are in solitary confinement with people who assault them, may also report 911, also call or send WhatsApp message at 44-3582-2082, or send an email to the address, semujeratenció[email protected]

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