translated from Spanish: The WhatsApp trick that makes you see who’s connected even if the option is disabled

People on average live permanently hooked to the WhatsApp instant messaging network. The various studies indicate that each person spends an average of 4 hours a day on their mobile phone. Most of the time chatting on apps like WhatsApp or brujuging between the content of others like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. However, not everyone has that hook-up to the phone and sometimes – either because of lifestyle habits or because the person we want to talk to is in another time slot – it is difficult to match our loved ones.
That’s why today we bring a WhatsApp trick that is especially useful for parents who want to have their children’s hook to mobile control or for people who have friends living abroad and with those who do not share schedules. This way, we can know when they are connected to avoid disturbing them during untimely hours.
The solution below is designed to be as intrusive as possible for our mobile phone. In fact, the main recommendation we make is actually a Chrome extension that we can install and uninstall in a matter of seconds when we need them.
There are also mobile apps that perform these same functions. The problem is that these are not available in the official iPhone or Android app markets – and although in other cases we have seen that this does not free us from installing malicious applications or directly timos on our mobile – something that always provides an additional layer of security regarding downloading them from any site.
One of the applications that offer this type of services is WhatzSeen but, as we have said above, it is not a formula that we recommend since the application is not in the official markets of the manufacturers.
Which WhatsApp contacts are online
The fastest way to find out which contacts are online at all times is with the Google Chrome WA Web Plus extension, which should run in conjunction with WhatsApp Web.
To do this, using Google Chrome browser, we need to install the extension in this link. Once installed (the process will take about 20 seconds) a green icon with a cross will appear next to the browser bar. At that point, we need to log in to WhatsApp Web.
The Chrome extension will surround with a green circumference the photo of all our contacts that are online at that time.
In addition, the extension for WhatsApp Web allows us other very useful options in the office or to avoid prying eyes such as hiding the name of our contacts, their profile photos and the content of conversations by default. This information will be bottled and will only be displayed if you pass the mouse from your computer.
When do your contacts connect on WhatsApp?
While the Chrome extension only provides us with real-time information, there are other options that provide us with data and statistics about our contacts on WhatsApp.
One of the apps that are present in the official Android app store is WhatsLog: online last seen.
This application offers us detailed statistics of the connections of our contacts through graphs and texts, which will allow us to monitor the behavior of other WhatsApp users.
Although it is a paid application, it has a free trial period that is easily extended. In addition, if a user chooses to pay, they can also receive personalized notifications with information about their contacts’ connections.

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