translated from Spanish: A confronted the police in protests against Donald Trump

In the early hours of Monday, the streets of Portland looked like a battlefield; On one side was the Oregon police confronting protesters who proclaimed the other against racial violence and joined by Federal police forces sent by Donald Trump. In an act of forces found, where police were trying to divert the protesters towards the junction of Third Avenue and Taylor Street. From one moment to the next this completely appeared wearing only a black wool cap and a cover of the same color. 

REUTERS Photo: Nathan Howard

The woman lay down in the middle of the street at a reasonable distance from police officers and performed some ballet poses for a period of time and then sat in front of them. Police fired pepperballs at her feet and a protester ran to her to cover it like some kind of human shield. But she did it aside. 

REUTERS Photo: Nathan Howard

After 10 minutes, the officers withdrew and with them so did the woman to whom the people who were present nominated her «The Naked Athena». 

And then? Naked Athena appeared and the little boys didn’t know what to do. — Donovan «It was the blurst of times» Farley (@DonovanFarley)
July 18, 2020

The demonstrations have been constant in the city of Portland, and protesters last weekend tried to burn down the entrance to a courthouse building, while resisting the lacrimogen gases thrown by the police. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of minneapolis police caused people to come out with their flags to protest against racial violence and sparked the «Black Lives Matter» movement. 

And also because of the provocateurs of the first representative Donald Trump who is constantly keeping in the eye of the storm with provocative actions and controversial statements. In an encounter with congressmen at the White House, he had stated: «We’re going to have more federal security forces. They’ve done a fantastic job in Portland.» «In three days they have put a lot of anarchists in jail,» he said, invisiting the focus of the protest.

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