translated from Spanish: Cathy Fulop talked about how the abzurdah book influenced Oriana’s disorders

Oriana Sabatini told through her networks that she suffers from eating problems: «After 10 years of living with eating disorders, going from anorexia to binge eating disorder, today she painted me upload this. I always take pictures or record when I’m training 24/7 and going hungry, and today I wanted to get that weight off my back,» the young lady wrote under a video showing her body.

Speaking about this, her mother, Catherine Fulop, said in Los Angeles in the Morning: «I feel that this was a confession from her and that it belongs to her beyond that as parents we have suffered it along with her. Seeing his post mobilized us a lot because it took us by surprise, we didn’t know he was going to publish it. It was very mobilizing for me to see everything they wrote to him.» But for us at home, food was never an obsession. There was junk food, healthy food. The choice was on the table because I always sought help for myself. With my example, I thought I was going to pass them on to my daughters. I didn’t have the outside influence and what started to happen with social media, which our generation was very surprised by. Her generation has had to deal with the networks, let it all go viral. In my house I swear that they were never forced to eat healthy or not, food was not a subject, always ate a lot, I was always very eaten, I like to eat everything,» he added.

And on the contention needed by people who suffer from this kind of junk, Catherine reflected: «You have to try to seek help, she had a group of beautiful friends who warned us and we were dealing with the example of helping her but one did not end up realizing because she was not a flut anorexic type. She was never fat or skinny, you couldn’t realize there was really a problem.» It was very difficult all because you didn’t realize it. She hid, I saw her eating and well. I saw her skinny, but both Ova and I were very skinny would have seemed weird if my daughters weren’t. She said ‘but if I was more skinny than her at her age’ when a friend spoke to me. Then one realizes, she asked for more help,» the actress said. In addition, Fulop recounted that the book Abzurdah, in which author Cielo Latini recounts her own eating disorders, negatively influenced Oriana: «There was a book called Abzurdah, which was her guide at the time. I found out later. When he asked me for the book, I bought it for him but I didn’t know.»
«Sometimes parents have to be careful what the kids read because she took it as a reference. And his generation took him as a reference. Like it’s okay to be super skinny, cut off,'» he acknowledged. «Sky Latini tells tremendous things in that book, even that he only ate one sweetener envelope a day,» said journalist Maite Peñoñori, and Cathy said, «Yes, it was things like that and that was the benchmark for a generation. Luckily Ori has surrounded himself with a lot of love, every head is a world and sometimes as a father one feels powerless. We have to get help.»

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