translated from Spanish: Central Bank: «As it says in football, we’re going to wet the shirt, we’re going to leave everything on the court to facilitate reactivation»

This day the President of the Central Bank, Mario Marcel, referred to the «Step by Step» plan delivered by the government where he said that it gives greater clarity of how the economy will be revived. The agency’s leader noted that «there is greater clarity about how the restrictions will take place, under what conditions, and that’s unlike what we had for the June IPoM, today we can start to look at what the recovery of the economy might look like.» In addition, it stated that in the recovery phase it was important that the support channeled by the Central Bank should not be abruptly withdrawn.» For example, what the BC has ensured is that the TPM will need to keep it at this technical minimum for the next two years. On the other hand, the financing that has been given to banking is for 4 years and the measures to revive other markets such as corporate bonds have a medium-term perspective,» he said. In the same vein, Marcel recalled that «the finance minister stated that as part of the economic agreement there should also be resources to encourage the recruitment of workers.» We’re going to wet the shirt, we’re going to leave everything on the court so we can help and facilitate the revival of the economy in the face of an unexpected shock and anome it with this, it’s a commitment that we’re going to keep going forward,» he concluded.

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