translated from Spanish: CNTE Michoacán accuses pandemic as pretext for «new magisterial exploitation»

Michoacán.- General secretaries of sections IX and XVIII of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) agreed that there is a new type of sub-breeding and slavery, in which education workers must provide, at their own expense, the tools to reproduce the scheme imposed by the global exploitation system, such as the use of computers , tablets and mobile phones, to teach.
In the context of the conversation «Union democratization and the 40-year fighting CNTE», developed in the XVII Workshop of the Popular Educator, the general secretaries of Section IX, Mexico City, and Section XVIII of Michoacán, Pedro Hernández Morales and Gamaliel Guzmán Cruz, disqualified the pressure exerted, by educational authorities to that within the framework of the Pandemic of the Covid-19 that surprised the country , teachers are required to digitize and record student data on their own; and reporting of ratings, among other issues.
However, they noted that the country’s centist magisterium has adapted to the situation and is organized through electronic means and with the use of Internet platforms and social networks, to shape ways in which they will promote the democratization of trade union sections.
They also addressed the issue of back-to-school, in which leaders agreed that «it is a mistake to put a date on the return to school, and it should not be done by states, until the whole country has the same color as the health traffic light, as there is diversity of mobility in the national territory,» they said.
Similarly, support was called upon so that virtual classes can be available to all students and teachers in the country.
This XVII Workshop of the State Popular Educator, is held with the virtual participation of more than four thousand popular educators; with the participation of personalities specializing in the educational and trade union issues of several Latin American countries; and with the face-to-face participation of members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers, the CNTE, who are working with strict observance of the health measures recommended by the specialists, to ensure the integrity of all of them.
In the final part of this Conversation, Guzmán Cruz reiterated the exhortation to support with charitable donations to achieve the release of eight normalists who are in detention for protesting against the tuition cut for admission to normalistic public education.

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