translated from Spanish: COVID-19 vaccine could be taken by the end of the year: Ebrard

The COVID-19 vaccine, which is still in the testing phase, could be ready by December, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.
At Tuesday’s morning press conference, Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard said Mexico will have access to the vaccine as soon as it is ready.
«We know that the results that are being obtained are faster than we had anticipated, and there is data that suggests that the advances we have known so far can lead to a vaccine probably at the end of the year,» the official said.
He said that it was still very difficult to calculate the price of the vaccine but that (when the results of phase 3 are available) its acquisition will be through a consolidated purchasing process in advance.

«There is already data that suggests that progress can lead to a vaccine likely at the end of the year,» says Chancellor @m_ebrard.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) July 21, 2020

The chancellor said Mexico is part of an international alliance of 77 countries, which at the moment follow 9 different projects whose phases have been positive.
It added that when these protocols had positive results, the Ministry of Health would choose the right vaccine for Mexico. 
According to Ebrard in each of the 9 projects involve private laboratories such as Pfizer or Astra Seneca.
The chancellor stressed that Mexico participates in «all multilateral efforts to accelerate the development, production and fair distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine».
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