translated from Spanish: Homeland festivities and Night of the Dead in Morelia could be held digitally

Cristian Ruiz
Morelia, Michoacán.- Morelia tourism secretary Roberto Monroy García said that the programme of activities planned for the festivities and the Night of the Dead may not be carried out in a massive way if cases of covid-19 coronavirus continue to increase in the entity.
In an interview, the official said that while two weeks ago he began the revival of tourist activities in Morelia, there are still no conditions for holding events involving mass gathering of people.
«There is not yet a stability in the behavior of the epidemic, but if health bodies consider that it can be realized or that it should be done differently, or that it will not, it will,» he explained.
In the event that the municipal and state authorities decide that there are no conditions for events to take place, one of the options is to hold a hybrid celebration where activities on digital platforms, such as the mariachi and guitar festivals, which they confirmed will carry out their activities on the network are prioritized.
Finally, Monroy García said that so far the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is still standing and even unveiled the image it will use this year, but it is necessary to know what the scheme in which it operates and other cultural festivals that are held between October and December and leave good economic spill for the state capital will be.

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