translated from Spanish: Milad and his program: «It’s a reflection of what Chilean football needs»

Pablo Milad, candidate for the presidency of the ANFP, explained the program he presented and which he seeks to establish to win the elections on July 30, noting that «we have done so by receiving the opinion and suggestion of all». This proposal for governance of the former command of Curicó Unido and former Mayor of the Maule Region consists of 12 key points. Among the most relevant are the reinforcement of women’s football, a better sponsorship for the Second Division to give greater sustainability and give more development to the selections based on the footballers of the local environment.» The program that we have done together with the clubs that support this candidacy we have done this receiving the opinion and suggestion of all, and we were able to reflect on what our football needs with a strategic vision and working in unity, thinking about the sustainability and strengthening, for example, of Youth Football,» Milad said in statements that radio Cooperativa reproduces.» Today it takes conviction to advance an agenda that strengthens Chilean football, in an ANFP where everyone feels part of it with teamwork and a long-term vision,» he added. In addition, Milad noted that «we need to move to greater transparency in terms of financial, ownership and management of clubs because we need Chilean football to be modern and commercially focused.» Other relevant points of the program relate to greater transparency in the administrative management of the ANFP, enhance collaborative work between the organization and clubs, restructure THE INAF, improve the tournament system and reposition Chilean football nationally and internationally.

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