translated from Spanish: Minsal belies image pointing to the calendar of the plan «Step by Step»

Once the Government’s «Step by Step» Plan, which aims to gradually decon confine Chile in the wake of Covid-19, began circulating on social media a photograph that alludes to the dates when the initiative would begin to be implemented.
The image indicated that the first phase of the plan, «Transition», began on August 1. Between 16 and 30 September, there was talk of «Return to Normality», for example.
However, the Ministry of Health came out to disprofer this image.
«In the face of circulation of false information on social networks, the Ministry of Health reports that there are no stipulated dates for the stages considered by the Paso Paso Plan,» they emphasized.
The plan envisages five stages, subject to change. First, the current stage of many communes, Quarantine, where mobility is limited to decrease the interaction and spread of the virus. Second, the Transition, where the plan details that this stage decreases the degree of confinement and prevents abrupt openness to minimize the risks of contagion. Third, Preparation, in which quarantine is raised for the general population (except risk groups). The fourth step is the Initial Opening, at which point certain activities of lower risk of contagion are resumed and minimizing agglomerations. The fifth and final step is called Advanced Opening and it is time when it is allowed to increase the number of people in activities allowed in the previous phase, always with self-care measures.

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