translated from Spanish: Philo.explains the hate policy Filo News

We listen to and read hateful demonstrations everywhere: media, political announcements, social media and on the street. But why? Is it just the property of some or are we facing a historic moment when hatred is actually a tremendous political tool? In this new video by Filo.Explica, Lalo Mir explains and exemplifies with videos of political leaders around the world the use of «hate speeches». Because in our country we have «the crack», in which both sides collaborate to «crack» even more, but in the rest of the world it also happens. Traditional categories of right or left, city or field, employer or workers have lost their ability to mobilize and identify. Discussions in recent decades, such as the call for egalitarian gender policies, concern for the environment, recognition and respect for cultural diversity, among others, shape the political landscape. Hate speech, what are they?
They are violent expressions that harass, segregate, discriminate, limit the exercise of rights and thus generate an intolerant climate, full of prejudices that consolidates discrimination and hostility against certain people or groups. They are attacks motivated by racial, gender, religion, nationality, ideology or political posture, skin color and many other things, because those who hate, always have some reason. any reason. Hate social discourses convey a violent gaze of the world, of rejection to the different and that seek to limit the full freedom of the Other. That is why they are undemocratic, impose a single thought and have as their preferred objectives vulnerable or dissident groups. They consolidate prejudice and build the ideal environment for the exercise of concrete violence. They are a closed system, immune to the facts or data of reality and their vital source is basically fear and rejection of the other. In principle, let us try to say what we think and enjoy our freedom without hate, without insulting and without denying rights to anyone. Come on, try, it’s easy and you’re going to see it’s better. 

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