translated from Spanish: A stalker was denounced for leaving obscene notes to his neighbor with a threat

Two sisters made the decision to tell their situation in a television medium, as they first went to the police but they said they could do nothing. The situation is dire for this two girls, who are panicking about a neighbor who harasses them and leaves notes at the door of their house with threats and obsenities. In Maju Lozano’s program, they made visible what the girls from the Floresta building are going through, and showed the notes and videos of the stalker, who even managed to get into the sisters’ home when they were away. 

«I can’t anymore, I’m trembling with the fear I have. I’m having panic attacks, anguished, and my sister’s scared. I have a cop at the door, I’m locked in my house and the guy in his house, the quietest thing in my life sending me messages. (…) I’m afraid for my sister and my son,» said one of the young women. And he said he had to put up security cameras, because on Sunday the 12th, when he got home, he found the individuals on the table written with insults. 

«I called a security company to set up alarms and cameras (…). The son of… He has a wife, he leaves his house every day and before he goes to work he leaves me the notes. We saw him from the camera when he was at the door. My friends held him back and the prosecutor came and arranged that he could not be taken in detention because we didn’t hook him just leaving the note,» he explained in an audio to the show. The situation is heartless as the wicked after the girls mediated the situation, calls them by telephone and threatens them with death. «He called me on the phone threatening me and telling me that he was going to rape me and kill me, and that if my sister was there, she too,» the victim added.

Original source in Spanish

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