translated from Spanish: Blumel and 10% withdrawal: “Everyone will have to take care of the consequences of their actions and decisions”

Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel referred to the discussion of the withdrawal of 10% of pension funds, after the Senate Constitution Commission approved the initiative.
Blumel addressed the sayings of the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, who yesterday raised that Congress should advance both in the withdrawal of planned savings, and in the middle-class plan that La Moneda sent.
In this regard, the chief of staff said that “everyone here has to take responsibility for their approaches and the arguments he puts on the table”
On the situation of the official coalition, after five senators from Chile Vamos announced a favorable vote to reform, Blumel said that “we call on our coalition to act with unity, based on arguments, to do what is right and not on the basis of what is popular.”
The interior minister further raised a dissociation between expert opinion and politics and assured that “everyone will have to take charge of the political consequences and decisions.”
“The Senate is deliberating, it’s going to vote tomorrow on the fate of this project, it will have to take responsibility for the decision you make and explain to the Chileans the consequences of the decisions being taken,” he said.

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