translated from Spanish: Edomex verificenters will reopen on July 27; they will only attend by appointment

The verificentros will resume activities in the State of Mexico from July 27, with a dating system via the internet or by phone.
Through a statement, the government detailed that the reopening of the Authorized Motor Vehicle Pollutant Emissions Verification Centers will be gradual, orderly and secure, in accordance with the Edomex Safe Return plan.
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To verify, users will need to schedule an appointment on the page, which will be available from July 23 at 8:00 a.m.
Appointments can also be requested by phone to each property. The Verification Centers directory can be found on the page.
Without an appointment, the service will not be provided.
The opening hours in the verificentros will be from 07:00 to 20:00 hours, from Monday to Saturday.
To avoid COVID-19 contagion, at the time of users making their appointment, they should confirm that they have no symptoms of the disease.
The government of the State of Mexico recommends that a single person come to check the vehicle, which must be used at all times. The entrance and exit of the establishments will be made through a sanitary filter, where the temperature will be taken to the driver and a questionnaire will be applied.
In case the user presents at least two symptoms of COVID-19 on the day of the appointment, someone else will be asked to perform the verification or reschedule their appointment for another date.
Upon entry, users must comply with the sanitary measures of the hand grooming, use of the disinfectant mat or disposable shoe protectors. Upon entry, the areas of the car that will be used for the verification process will be cleaned.
Each verificentro will have disinfectant gel dispensers at their disposal, as well as signs to promote healthy distance and the use of mouth covers at all times.
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The Ministry of the Environment of the State of Mexico indicated that the verification record obtained in January, February and March 2020, and those obtained from the restart of operations at the verificentros would be in force throughout the year and until the next verification period for the first half of 2021.
Authorized and valid holograms are those that contain the legend “1st Semester 2020” or only the year “2020”.
For cars with plate termination 7 or 8 will have 30 calendar days to verify, plates 3 and 4 will have 60 calendar days.
In the case of the completion of plates 1 or 2 will have 90 calendar days, and 9 and 0 with 120 calendar days.
Vehicles with double zero hologram “00”, whose validity of the hologram ends between March 23 and December 31, must carry out verification from the beginning of verificentro activities until December 31.
In the event that it is the first time the Double Zero hologram “00” expires, you can access to obtain hologram again, as long as you are in the list of candidates for obtaining the Double Zero hologram “00”, which can be consulted at the address
Owners of new vehicles whose car does not have vehicle verification have until December 31 to perform and approve vehicle verification. It should be noted that to access the Double Zero Hologram “00”, they must be in the list of candidates for Hologram “00.
The list can be found at the following link:
Vehicles with a fine for out-of-time verification will have 30 business days to perform and approve vehicle verification from July 27, 2020. Vehicles that fail to comply with vehicle verification within the established period will be eligible for a fine of 20 times the UMA value ($1,738. 00 MXN).
For more information, email is made available to the public [email protected], phones 55-5366-8267, 722-238-2268, as well as social media on Twitter @DGPCCA_Edomex and Facebook @DGPCCA. Edomex.
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