translated from Spanish: Jorge Díaz, scientist and artist: «Knowledge is in many places, not just in university and in laboratories»

This 2-session seminar, each of 90 minutes, will address what the pandemic metaphors of the virus explain, taking into account the microbiology of the virus, the chronology of infection, aesthetics and activism. We will also focus on discussing the importance that these virus and infection speeches can have to build stage, artistic and social research. We will focus the discussion on the memory of the HIV pandemic and the impact it had on artistic, scientific and activist practices.
Session 1, Biological and Transdiscipline Metaphors: In this first session we will review the basics of transdisciplinary research and examples from feminist biology, we will discuss what a biological metaphor associated with the social world means, to end in the biology of viruses, particularly coronavirus and its connections to philosophy, scientific research and artistic practices.
Session 2, contagion in sexual dissent productions: In this second session we will review the concept of infection to create stage and artistic research in general. We will focus on the memory of the current HIV pandemic, with readings from the theory of queer affections. We will review examples of feminist artistic and literary productions and sexual dissent.

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