translated from Spanish: UDI Senator David Sandoval confirms support for withdrawal of funds: “Today I don’t vote for the left, I don’t vote against my party”

UDI Senator David Sandoval kept his word and announced his vote in favor of the withdrawal of funds being processed this afternoon in the Upper House Room, thus confirming that there are the necessary support for the overall approval of the project.
“Today I do not vote for the left, I do not vote against my party, on the contrary I use one of its own principles and that it says that only those who form their own judgment and foundations on reality fully exercise their personal freedom, and I am exercising that exercise of personal freedom,” the parliamentarian clarified in his speech, alluding to the likely reaction of his collective.
The Aysenino legislature argued that “in recent times Chile is validly claiming that we have been blind and deaf in meeting their demands and requirements.”
In this scenario, the pandemic represents an “extraordinary episode” against which you have to be “broad” in giving answers and evaluating “all options,” he added.
“I do not vote against the Government, from whom I recognize the efforts made to deal with the pandemic but are unfortunately not reaching everything who must and need obviously better paths today,” he added.
Sandoval also alluded to the social outburst, noting that “vote for the millions of Chileans who lost their jobs, their incomes, their small and medium-sized enterprises at the hands of irrational violence and political intolerance.”

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