translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Channel 13 said that correspondent phrase in case of Antonia Barra was heard out of context

According to the station, the phrase “was loquilla” that was heard when the prosecutor’s statements were issued corresponded to a conversation between the professional and his editor about the tone of the arguments of Pradenas’ defense. The sign said they contacted the young woman’s family and attorney to offer apologies, and assured that these were “well received.”

This morning the comment made by a correspondent was leaked while informing about the case of Antonia Barra.During the broadcast of the morning news “T13” that drives Polo Ramirez, in the middle of a note about the case against Martín Pradenas someone on the team was heard saying “it was a loquilla”. The event sparked outrage on social media. Channel 13 made a public clarification to refer to these facts and stated that he contacted Antonia Barra’s family to explain and apologize for what happened. From the Communications Management of the private signal explained that “while the statements of the Prosecutor of the case were issued, part of the conversation between the correspondent and his editor was heard, when the journalist explained the tenor of Pradenas’ procedural defense, this gave way to a phrase that was heard in the air, which out of context caused natural outrage.” We regret this situation and have contacted Antonia’s family, in addition to her lawyer, to explain and apologize for the case, which were well received,” they said from Channel 13.

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